To participate in daily group walks, all E.B.D.S. Dogs must be up to date with all vaccinations, be treated monthly for fleas, spayed, neutered and friendly with other dogs and handlers. We do not take aggressive dogs.  If your furry friend fits this criteria;  integration into the group will be quick!  


We also understand that some dogs fit most requirements for group walks, but maybe their social skills aren't as 'fine tuned'.  If you are looking to socialize your pup; we can help you do that too!  The process of introducing them into the pack is a bit slower.  First, we start with an individual walk so that we can assess your dog.  As they become familiar with us & build trust, we then introduce your dog to our dog Willow (our Ambassador). We conduct walks together  and then we eventually introduce them to the big group.


Because dogs are pack animals, being apart of the group is highly enjoyable.  If group walks are not preferred, we also offer private walks in your neighborhood.


Before walks begin, an in home consult is arranged for you and your dog to meet Dominique, Hugh and eventually handlers who may pick up your pup.  This is done to help dogs understand that we are friends and welcome in their home.