Dominique Solis

Hugh Lehrer

Dominique Solis is from the small community of Mariposa located near Yosemite National Park. Surrounded by lots of open space, her family was able to adopt more than a few furry family members.  She grew up with three cats, two dogs, and a bird. All of these pets came with specific responsibilities. Her favorite however, were detailed in feeding, training and walking the dogs.  

Loving her own pets lead to volunteering at the local no kill shelter where she felt unwanted dogs and cats needed love & companionship as well. Not only did this bring personal gratification, but this is where she honed in on training techniques too.    

It became clear that she had a true affinity with the well being of all animals.   Jokingly, her family called her “The pet detective” after finding their bird that flew out the front door and was lost for about seven hours.  Because of a high-pitched whistle she knew Sweety-Peety responded to, she walked around listening for her tweets back with great success.

After leaving home, attending UC Berkeley and working within the customer service industry; she found herself longing for a career and lifestyle that included the experiences she’d loved before and has learned along the way. 

Combining her kinship for dogs, 8 years of customer service experience and education in business,  there is no better time to create an animal company that provides a wonderful service to families and animal lovers alike.

It is her mission to create a safe experience for your pet and happy friend for you to come home to.


Hugh Lehrer is from Berkeley California. Growing up in a household of seven, someone was always bringing home a new family pet.  With a whole gang of animal lovers, they collected five pets to care for.  Huey always felt a special connection with his dogs.  Enjoying their kindred playful spirits, there has rarely been a dog who hasn’t been drawn to him. 

As a young adult, Huey had the privilege of helping his brother-in-law train mastiffs and other big dog breeds. 

With his noticeable connection with animals, he has been approached several times about working with them.  Because of this, he was the first person who came to mind when searching for another team member for East Bay Dog Service.  His natural way with every dog is a valuable asset that is hard to go  unrecognized.  Along with his caring energy and great customer service abilities obtained while in the restaurant industry, he too knew that he could take these learned talents and channel them into an amazing service like pet care.



Dominique and Hugh work together as a team.  Both are present during each group outing to further insure the safety of every clients pet.