E.B.D.S. prides itself on our focus to safety.  We refrain from going to public dog parks or up to Tilden hiking trails. "Why not?" Although our parks and trails are beautiful, there is greater risk of the dogs getting fleas &ticks (little buggers we wouldn't want coming back home). Seasonal poison mushrooms, and wildlife that can easily distract dogs from the pack. At dog parks, most dogs are friendly, but sometimes they disagree. We would never want to deliver news that any of our doggy friends has gotten lost in the hills or has gotten into a tussle at the park.  

We proudly offer on leash experiences!  This creates an environment where all the dogs feel as if they're working together.  While walking in a pack, dogs learn to improve their leash skills.  We implement basic commands and use positive reinforcement and treats.  There is nothing more gratifying that a client noticing positive change at home and people proclaiming "They're so well behaved!!" while out and about.