East    Bay    Dog    Service

East Bay Dog Service understands that dogs are family.  Our goal is to keep your dogs happy, healthy, and above all, safe.

Our mission is to create a daily lifestyle routine for your dog that results in a calmer friend to come home to. We believe this is possible through regular exercise & pack camaraderie.


East Bay Dog Service has your back! With regular outings, Your pup will have had a day of their own while socializing with other friendly dogs who they will come to know well.  Perfect introductory experience for puppies and rescues alike! Setting up service early allows our team to help implement training techniques to have a well behaved family member.




Covid-19 Safety

East Bay Dog Service is licensed, bonded & Insured.


This is our daily Protocol--PLEASE READ IN FULL:  These procedures have proven to work well with all homes who have continued service.  We are happy to provide references.


Safety is our priority, it is important that all clients have full transparency to how we operate during a global pandemic.  We believe in science and are following the evolution of this virus closely through CDC guidelines Epidemiologists and do not cut corners.  While learning a lot in the past months, we feel confident in how we have adjusted our model to keep all dogs and humans healthy.  We are grateful that our work is outdoors and offers for the absolute lowest risk of transmission of COVID-19.

-We will text upon arrival within our regular pick up window.

- Upon pick up,  we ask that all dogs be harnessed, collard and ready to go. We will continue to use our own leashes. 


-Although fur is a weak transmitter, we kindly ask that if you have been sick or feel unwell, please do not allow your pup on outings. We can possibly arrange a private walk if needed. 

-We kindly ask that all parties have a mask on hand in case of close interaction.

-Please do not hesitate to inquire with questions about protocols.  We want nothing more that to have mutual respect and safety.